This project is done in cooperation with “Refugees Emancipation e.V.” at the communal refugee home at “Alte Zauche” in Potsdam. The project exists since September 2014 and is organized as well as conducted by volunteers. The home-work assistance is an open group in which kids and teenagers of all grades are welcome. It is our goal to help with the kids’ home-work. Together with the kids participation we also try to sum up the topics, which were discussed in class. Depending on their capabilities we also play targeted learning games to individually support them. Additionally, we organize field-trips and festivities during the summer break as well as christmas parties.

Through these means we hope to contribute towards more equal educational opportunities.

We are always delighted about new volunteers who want to play, practice and learn together with the kids, as well as come along on our field-trips.

Are you interested, or do you have any questions? Contact us via e-mail: info[at]