Info Evening with Refugees Emanciaption e.V.

International Tuesday, October 25th 2022 | 6 – 8 pm | Wissenschaftsetage im Bildungsforum |
Science & Politics |
Admission: free

For the upcoming International Tuesday, we want to talk about Refugees Emancipation. This self-organized refugee project advocates for emancipation and provides a voice for those affected. We want to focus our attention on refugees. While the words asylum and migration are ubiquitous, we know little about background stories, causes of fleeing and contexts. Sonkeng Tegouffo, political scientist, will join us in conversation after an introductory podcast.
Is Potsdam a safe haven for all People coming here?
A state of uncertainty is omnipresent, whether the people fled Ukraine as so-called „third country nationals“ or came across the Mediterranean – mostly they are threatened with deportation.
This evening, refugees will have their chance to speak and tell their stories. This International Tuesday is called Refugees Emancipation and there is an organization with the same name. A real refugee self-help organization that was founded by refugees 20 years ago.
We talk to them about what our civil society can do.

Sonkeng Tegouffo is a political scientist, facilitator for child and youth participation processes, parent guide, education worker and songwriter. Since his arrival in Germany almost 20 years ago, he has dedicated himself to the topic of „social participation of people with international biographies“. His interest in the life perspectives of migrants is reflected in his practical involvement in several migrant associations and NGOs, including the African Students Union Berlin/Brandenburg and the Brandenburg Refugee Council. He leads a project for the integration of refugees into the labor market in Brandenburg and is also active as an educational consultant in global learning with a focus on racism, colonialism, diversity as well as migration. In addition, he supports families of African origin in accompanying their children to school. The deconstruction of his colonial identity remains a topic that continues to preoccupy him.

Refugees Emancipation is a genuine refugee self-help organization that was founded 20 years ago by refugees when they themselves were still living in collective accommodation. Due to their own background and their longstanding commitment, the people involved in Refugees Emancipation enjoy a high level of trust among the refugees. The activities of the association are not limited to one group of refugees, but to all refugees, regardless of nationality, language, and country of origin.
The association organizes computer training for refugees, empowerment training and everyday assistance.

Students of the University of Potsdam help to learn German

Hello Dear All!

We – the (Russian-speaking) students of the University of Potsdam – are inviting you to learn German with us.


1. What we offer: Since our studies are open to everyone, you don’t need any registration or bureaucracy – just come. We volunteer trying to provide you with a basic knowledge of German.
2. What we can’t offer: Since we are not a language school, we have no possibility to set exams or to prove your language level.
3. When?: Each Friday from 12:00 to 14:00, starting from 18.03.2022.
4. Where?: You can find us at:
Universität Potsdam
Zentrum für Sprachen und Schlüsselkompetenzen
Am Neuen Palais 10
Haus 19, Raum 4.22
14469 Potsdam
5. How to get there?: If you have a Ukrainian passport you can come to us free of charge by public transport.
by train: stop Park Sanssouci Bahnhof
by bus: stop Neues Palais
6. In order to participate, please adhere to:
6.1. wearing an FFP2 mask during the entire course and
6.2. please have with you
6.2.1. Proof of vaccination against the Corona virus (if 2 doses: last 3 months ago, if 3 doses: last maximum 4 months ago)
6.2.2. A negative test for corona virus, made maximum 24 hours before the meeting.
Without a negative test or proof of vaccination against the Corona Virus we are not allowed to hold courses.
Questions?: If you have any questions about this course exclusively, please email We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that we are volunteers, not experts.

We are waiting for you!

Have a nice day,

Learn German Universität Potsdam volunteer team and Pangea Projekt

Support the protest on 8th of March in Havelland

There is no integration for the refugees in Havelland!!!
The authorities offer institutional racism instead of birth certificates.

March 8, 2022
12 – 14 o’clock rally at the district administration office in Rathenow.
13:00 Handover of the protest letter to District Administrator Lewandowski.
Afterwards there will be food and music
Platz der Freiheit 1, 14712 Rathenow

March 8, the international feminist fighting day – a day on which everywhere the achievements of the feminist struggle and emancipation is celebrated.
Yet women in Havelland are still left for years in refugee camps with unacceptable conditions because of their origin. Their precarious legal situation and living conditions are ignored by political officials and this ignorance leads to exclusionary mechanisms that make social participation & a dignified, self-determined life impossible.
The women in Havelland want to move out of the camps, build their own lives and are prevented from doing so by institutional & structural barriers! Their children are denied access to kindergardens because the registry office does not issue birth certificates. It also refuses to issue an extract from the birth register, thus deliberately blocking the way to a residence permit! The tolerated status of some women causes a life with daily fear of being suddenly deported. In addition, the foreign office treats the women as suspected criminals & harasses them with incessant processes of verification of origin, leaving them eternally stuck in their precarious living situation. This vicious circle is driven by the Havelland County authorities without respect for human rights. The entire integration process of the women and their children is blocked! As if the official-legal monster would not spread enough horror, they have to fear for diseases, because the hygienic conditions in most Havelland refugee accommodations are miserable. The accommodation in Nauen is even infested with cockroaches! All measures taken so far have been insufficient. The best measure would be anyway: dwellings instead of camps!

The district administrator must stand by his responsibility!
Therefore we gather on 8.3. in Rathenow in front of the district administration building! On to the feminist, anti-racist protest action! Let’s denounce the unacceptable situation in Havelland and the failure of the authorities! Let’s make our voices heard together with the women and children from the collective accommodations for their rights!

Dear parents and children, you are most welcome! There will be supervision for the kids.

Refugees Emancipation, women in exile, Pangea Project, Cosmopolitan Youth and Seebrücke Potsdam call to support the protest of refugee women in Havelland.

Homework Assistance

The “homework help” sub-project supports children and young people with their homework and learning. Due to Corona, we have switched the group meetings to individual tutoring. That means that a volunteer meets with one or two students. Appointments are coordinated individually. We work together with the community accommodation at Nuthetal in Potsdam. Many of our tutoring students live there. In the accommodation there is a room equipped with computers and internet that can be used for tutoring. But students who do not live in that accommodation can also take part in our tutoring offer. Where this takes place must be decided individually in each case.

We are always happy to welcome new helpers who support the children in their learning!

If you need help with your homework, please contact us!


Pangea – Digital Communication Meetings

Pangea – Digital Communication Meetings

From now on Pangea offers digital communication meetings in German. The meetings take place every Monday and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome! In order to improve the communication between each other we have created groups according to language proficiency. There will be at least one German native speaker in each group.

If you would like to please join the waiting room:

We look forward to your participation! If you have any questions, please contact us:

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