Info Evening with Refugees Emanciaption e.V.

International Tuesday, October 25th 2022 | 6 – 8 pm | Wissenschaftsetage im Bildungsforum |
Science & Politics |
Admission: free

For the upcoming International Tuesday, we want to talk about Refugees Emancipation. This self-organized refugee project advocates for emancipation and provides a voice for those affected. We want to focus our attention on refugees. While the words asylum and migration are ubiquitous, we know little about background stories, causes of fleeing and contexts. Sonkeng Tegouffo, political scientist, will join us in conversation after an introductory podcast.
Is Potsdam a safe haven for all People coming here?
A state of uncertainty is omnipresent, whether the people fled Ukraine as so-called „third country nationals“ or came across the Mediterranean – mostly they are threatened with deportation.
This evening, refugees will have their chance to speak and tell their stories. This International Tuesday is called Refugees Emancipation and there is an organization with the same name. A real refugee self-help organization that was founded by refugees 20 years ago.
We talk to them about what our civil society can do.

Sonkeng Tegouffo is a political scientist, facilitator for child and youth participation processes, parent guide, education worker and songwriter. Since his arrival in Germany almost 20 years ago, he has dedicated himself to the topic of „social participation of people with international biographies“. His interest in the life perspectives of migrants is reflected in his practical involvement in several migrant associations and NGOs, including the African Students Union Berlin/Brandenburg and the Brandenburg Refugee Council. He leads a project for the integration of refugees into the labor market in Brandenburg and is also active as an educational consultant in global learning with a focus on racism, colonialism, diversity as well as migration. In addition, he supports families of African origin in accompanying their children to school. The deconstruction of his colonial identity remains a topic that continues to preoccupy him.

Refugees Emancipation is a genuine refugee self-help organization that was founded 20 years ago by refugees when they themselves were still living in collective accommodation. Due to their own background and their longstanding commitment, the people involved in Refugees Emancipation enjoy a high level of trust among the refugees. The activities of the association are not limited to one group of refugees, but to all refugees, regardless of nationality, language, and country of origin.
The association organizes computer training for refugees, empowerment training and everyday assistance.