Support the protest on 8th of March in Havelland

There is no integration for the refugees in Havelland!!!
The authorities offer institutional racism instead of birth certificates.

March 8, 2022
12 – 14 o’clock rally at the district administration office in Rathenow.
13:00 Handover of the protest letter to District Administrator Lewandowski.
Afterwards there will be food and music
Platz der Freiheit 1, 14712 Rathenow

March 8, the international feminist fighting day – a day on which everywhere the achievements of the feminist struggle and emancipation is celebrated.
Yet women in Havelland are still left for years in refugee camps with unacceptable conditions because of their origin. Their precarious legal situation and living conditions are ignored by political officials and this ignorance leads to exclusionary mechanisms that make social participation & a dignified, self-determined life impossible.
The women in Havelland want to move out of the camps, build their own lives and are prevented from doing so by institutional & structural barriers! Their children are denied access to kindergardens because the registry office does not issue birth certificates. It also refuses to issue an extract from the birth register, thus deliberately blocking the way to a residence permit! The tolerated status of some women causes a life with daily fear of being suddenly deported. In addition, the foreign office treats the women as suspected criminals & harasses them with incessant processes of verification of origin, leaving them eternally stuck in their precarious living situation. This vicious circle is driven by the Havelland County authorities without respect for human rights. The entire integration process of the women and their children is blocked! As if the official-legal monster would not spread enough horror, they have to fear for diseases, because the hygienic conditions in most Havelland refugee accommodations are miserable. The accommodation in Nauen is even infested with cockroaches! All measures taken so far have been insufficient. The best measure would be anyway: dwellings instead of camps!

The district administrator must stand by his responsibility!
Therefore we gather on 8.3. in Rathenow in front of the district administration building! On to the feminist, anti-racist protest action! Let’s denounce the unacceptable situation in Havelland and the failure of the authorities! Let’s make our voices heard together with the women and children from the collective accommodations for their rights!

Dear parents and children, you are most welcome! There will be supervision for the kids.

Refugees Emancipation, women in exile, Pangea Project, Cosmopolitan Youth and Seebrücke Potsdam call to support the protest of refugee women in Havelland.